Price / Expense Category


What is the average price for a website?

Since each Website is customized, there is no average price. Every website we create is priced to meet your needs, requirements, ideas, and budget. Give us a call at 1-(888) 950-4923 or use our convenient Contact Form so we can quote you a price.


What does the total website price include?

Everything you need to get your business online including domain name, hosting service, video uploads, logo design, Flash banners and titles, several pages and so much more.


What does it cost to maintain my website?

Nothing if you don’t need it. Not all websites need a regular maintenance program and we won’t sell you one if the need isn’t there. Every client’s specific needs are evaluated free (we never charge for consultation). You’ll be surprised to find that Media DUCK Global’s maintenance fees are well below the industry standard. Learn more about our website maintenance plans here.


Do you offer payment options?

We do, but every effort is made to design your unique website at a cost you can afford right away or provide complete payment within 2-3 months. If this isn’t enough then we do have 12-month financing plans available.


General Questions


Why would I choose Media DUCK Global to build my website?

Because we are affordable offer personalized customer service create a customized, Flash website and guarantee your satisfaction ‘nuff said.


Will you ask me to sign a contract?

Absolutely NOT!


What benefits are there to not signing a contract?

ManyYou are the winner here. With a contract you would be subject to a rigid item-by-item legal agreement that outlines exactly what you’ll get and nothing more. We’d rather give you the best of the best, exceeding your expectations and charging you 200% -500% less than other website design companies. Not convinced? A copy of our Terms & Policies is available upon request.


Do I own my website?

Yes. You own the domain name. One year’s worth of hosting is included in the price of your website; Each year you will need to renew your website hosting with Media DUCK. We created your website Design which is an intangible service, not a product. You own your website as long as you continue the hosting with Media DUCK Global. You can request a full transfer of ownership of your website hosting (which self-contains the Website Design Media DUCK created) at anytime to an account in your name in which you'll be responsible in maintaining all maintenance and service including annual renewals... Support from Media DUCK Global and or its affiliates will be available at our 'Pay as you Go' rates...


Why do I want a flash based website?

Why wouldn’t you? If you want a Cadillac vs. a VW Bug on the net, then we are the website design company for you. The colors and richness of full Flash websites can’t be beaten by traditional HTML sites. Read more about the advantages of Flash websites here.


Are there limits regarding the creative aspects of my flash website?

Yes and no... Media DUCK Global website techs haven’t been stumped yet by any client requests. Tell us you want and we’ll make it happen to the best of our abilities.


Why is a flash website more valuable to me?

With a Flash based website, you can visually review changes to your website in real time from the comfort of your office, home, or anywhere else you have Internet access. This makes it easy for each of our clients to participate in the success of their websites without the need for in-person conferences. This saves everyone time and money. Flash also allows us to make quick edits to your site, thereby saving labor costs for website maintenance.


Is your web service easy to use?

Absolutely yes. When you call for support or web maintenance, you will most likely talk directly with the designer of your site. It is our goal to always maintain this policy. At Media DUCK Global, we answer our own phones, manage our own accounts, and are available 24/7. Any missed call is usually returned within a matter of minutes up to one hour. Yes we are easy to work with and our expert advice is never billed, but always willingly given.


How do I get started?

Give us a call at (888) 950-4923 or use our convenient Contact Form. We will ask you for comprehensive information about your company and its needs. We’ll email you an invoice immediately so we can get started working with you as soon as payment is received. Our staff members immediately go to work on your project, putting in many hours of work; this is why we ask for full payment up front and there are no refunds. We strive at all times to satisfy you 100%. Your active participation in the development and continued growth of your website guarantees that satisfaction. Media DUCK Global pricing ensures your ability to pay, and the savings are extreme in every case.


What do I need to provide for my website?

As much information and as many digital files as you have available. If needed, you will be given a list of items we require to start work on your website. Your web designer will schedule a virtual or in-person meeting, usually within a couple of days, to review the basics such as colors, titles, banners and fonts. Your website will be finished within days of this first meeting, in most cases.


What happens to my old website if I get a new one?

You can delete the site, asking the current hosting and developer to remove it from the web. Most likely you’ll use the same domain name as your current site leaving your current website in the virtual heap of Internet space. You can also keep it and have us link it to the new site.


How much of my time will it take to build my website?

This is entirely up to you. While we encourage your participation in your custom website design, it isn’t necessary. We carefully listen to your needs are so you are satisfied with the end result. Your input is always welcome and changes gladly made. We find that most people cannot get their creative juices flowing until they actually see something; that’s okay, and an expected part of the development process.


What is the turnover time to complete my website?

This depends upon how quickly you can provide any and all information necessary for us to create your site. Graphics and photo editing can slow down the website development process, but never a delay. Your specific ideas and vision must also be accounted for. A website can usually be completed within days and up to a couple of weeks after payment is received. Note that many projects have exceeded this time and many have been completed much sooner. What’s important is that we work together to develop the best website that meets your standards and requirements.


How do I know people are viewing my site?

We provide site counters for each website. Remember that you will receive business offline as a direct result of the information obtained by the customer from your site. Your website will become the most important single piece of marketing in your business plan yet the cost will be far less than most of your current advertising. Your website will allow you to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month and we guarantee that. You’ll cut print and other media advertising in half by making your website the dominant feature of every marketing campaign, driving traffic to your website 24/7.


How well will my website rank in search engines?

Search Engine Optimization is not needed by every business and we will tell you so with a free assessment if that’s the case. SEO isn’t cheap but as with all our products, we’ll beat the competition on price. We do everything possible to offer all our clients “back door web optimization”. SEO and search engine ranking is not an exact science and any SEO company guaranteeing results is not on the up-and-up. Please visit our E-Marketing page to find out more.


Do you provide e-marketing?

Yes. This is often a very affordable, effective means for marketing and driving traffic to your website. It can also indirectly affect your site’s web ranking in a positive manner. Please visit our Internet Presence/SEO page  to find out more.


Does my website provide exposure on its own?

No and this is unfortunately a common misconception leading to stress between website developers and the client. That brand new company vehicle isn’t going to do a thing for you unless you post a sign on it. Advertise. Your new restaurant will sit barren until you post a sign and some type of attractive banners on it. Advertise. You must advertise your website with the sole purpose of driving traffic to it. Where else can you give your customers the best information available 24/7, from the comfort of anywhere they’d like to be?


What should I do to market my site?

You can cut your advertising budget in half immediately yet increase business by concentrating on driving traffic to your website. Make your website address the key to your print and other media advertising. Add your web address to every piece of promotional signage, print and other media, leave nothing out. From your telephone on-hold message to print ads, business cards to outdoor signage, brand everything immediately with your website.


How do I get advertising on my website?

This is easy provided you are a good salesman. Businesses are always looking for ways to optimize what they have on the web and the opportunity to advertise on other websites is always intriguing and interesting. We can help in many ways; consultation is always free so contact us today if you are interested in banner advertising.


Do you provide web commerce or E-commerce services?

Yes, and we are interested in hearing your needs; consultation is always free. We can build a marketing campaign to sell your products as well as develop a custom and original e-commerce website. Find out more on our E-commerce page.


How do I know this will bring more business?

It’s not guaranteed, but between our combined efforts, a little glue, duct tape, spit, and hard work we can produce results. Our publisher is a marketing wizard, and consultation is always free. We are willing to work with other companies, such as other advertising firms, upon your request. We don’t profess to have all the answers, just most.


I had a website before and it did not work for me – why do I want to spend more money on another one?

It could have been your fault, the web design company’s fault, a problem with the copy, a lack of relevant information – at this point there’s no need to lay blame. With Media DUCK Global, you are getting the best money can buy. Rest assured that your new website will work for you provided each of us does our part in creating your online presence.


Maintenance / Technical


Why do I need web maintenance?

Your website isn’t meant to be static, it should be dynamic, constantly changing to draw visitors back time and time again. Unfortunately, it takes time and talent to do it right. Fortunately, our website maintenance fees are quite reasonable; in fact I guarantee it will cost less than one month’s salary for a dedicated employee for an entire year of Media DUCK Global web maintenance service. Check out our reasonable pricing here .


How long will it take to make changes to my website?

We ask that you give us 48 hours, although most changes take less than one hour.


How long is my website down when making changes?

Your website is never down, even while changes are being made. The customer never sees the changes being made thanks to Flash technology.


What if people are having trouble viewing my website?

Most web browsers are updated with the latest in Flash technology; if not they can be updated for free at Adobe.com. Flash is here to stay; it is the future, and the future is now. There’s no reason why anyone cannot view your website.


What if people have trouble finding my website?

There can be several reasons and if you have a customer with this problem please contact us for a list of why this might be happening and how to fix the problem. In most cases the problem is with the customer’s computer, not your website.


How do I know my website is secure?

Flash based websites are near impossible to damper with, and all e-commerce transactions are done using certified secure servers.


What browsers do you design for?

Your website can be viewed with any browser.


Can you put music, animation, video or other multimedia on my website?

Yes, these are included in the cost of your website design if you provide ready-to-use files. We have to charge for special editing. Upon request, we will provide you with a tutuorial showing you how to prepare your video, music, and animation files for your website. We can develop special animation for a fee as well.


Do you do provide website optimization?

Yes. Please visit this page  for additional information.