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Media DUCK Global offers Affordable Marketing services while delivering the highest quality of work and performance..Internet Presence, Search Engine Optimization, Synergized Marketing, Full 360 Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Digital Magazines, Newspaper and Catalog online publishing..

Allow us the opportunity to share with you our unlimitied features and affordable pricing... Sale, Quote & Query Form

Get your customized website today. All it takes is one call to

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Affordable Effective Powerful SEO can take your business's strategy and marketing message and spread it across the globe!

Why haven’t you used Search Engine Optimization for your online business yet? Chances are it’s because it’s:

* Too expensive

* Takes too much time to manage

* It’s a trial and error process that doesn’t produce immediate results

Sure, there’s plenty of SEO companies out there who are willing to charge you a small fortune in order to optimize your website and increase your online presence – without guaranteeing that the money you spend will actually benefit your bottom line.

That’s not the way we work here at Media DUCK Global. We take over the tedious, day-to-day tasks involved in SEO, to SAVE YOU TIME and $$ while expanding your marketing reach. From research to implementation budgeting to management, Media DUCK Global does it all FOR YOU!

And we keep the costs way down. Not only do our staff members stay connected and work the World Wide Web 24/7, Media DUCK Global is one of the few Internet Marketing companies in America that enjoy a preferred status with Google – the largest, most powerful search engine in the world.

We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised to find out how little we charge for comprehensive SEO services. Give us a call today at

(888) 950-4923 or use our convenient Contact Form  and find out how AFFORDABLE AND CONVENIENT SEO services can truly be.



Noun: The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects: "the synergy between small business client and website design firm".

What does synergy mean when it comes to Internet Marketing Strategy? It means that several successful independent companies and professional Internet Marketing experts have combined to create Media Duck Global It means that we have the know-how and experience to put in place an affordable and realistic strategy to get your business noticed online It means that you’ll get what you pay and so much more when you choose Media Duck Global to devise an Internet Marketing plan that really works.

That synergy is summed up in this equation:

Interaction + Cooperation = SUCCESS

It’s not just our success, it’s YOUR success. Partner with the best and watch your profits soar. Call (888) 950-4923 TODAY so can we get your Internet Marketing Strategy in place tomorrow.

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If You Build It, Will They Come?

As a small business owner, you know the need to have a website. But building your online presence to attract more customers doesn’t stop there. Unfortunately, just because you build a website doesn’t mean Internet traffic will come to visit. It takes Internet Marketing to ensure your site is seen by the largest number of prospective clients.

At Media DUCK Global we know you don’t have the time and resources to market your business online and that’s why we do it for you. We take a three-pronged approach that consists of both conventional and unconventional ideas, concepts and strategies:

  • Power of Synergy (POS)
  • Conceptional Marketing
  • Collective Achievement

POS The Power of Synergy

Using the power of synergy, Media DUCK Global’s Internet Marketing is both globally reaching and intimately successful. We’re more than just a custom website design company, we are a synergistic blend of people and companies that provide creative marketing that is greater than the sum of individual efforts. Find out how POS can help your business grow through Internet Marketing!

Conceptional Marketing

What’s your business concept?

Conceptional Marketing is marketing your business’s products, services, person/persona, organization, and/or brand. Your website’s concept is reflected in its design and this reflects YOU. No one wants to do business with a company, they want to do business with YOU, especially on the World Wide Web, where a prospective customer can’t meet with a person face-to-face. Build your concept and build your clientele.  

Collective Achievement

It all adds up

Simply put, the more widespread your Internet presence, the greater the potential for sales. Collective Achievement is an area often missed by conventional website design companies, in part because they are conventional website design companies. Media DUCK Global is unconventional, continually thinking outside of the box to achieve Internet Marketing success measured by your bottom line.

But we don’t stop there Our Customer Service Manager and entire staff work with you continuously or as needed to achieve success with your website centered marketing.

Let’s get started marketing your website today! Call us at

(888) 950-4923 or use our convenient Contact Form

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E-Marketing Connects With Your Customers

Why not connect with your customers in a simple, convenient, noninvasive way? If you’re still using postal mail or telemarketing, you’ll be amazed at the effectiveness and affordability of E-Marketing.

Why choose Media DUCK Global for your E-Marketing needs? For one, we've added our own servers especially to handle and optimize your E-Marketing campaigns. But we also provide:

* Easy database management

* Effortless backup of your most important data

* Creation of your marketing materials – Newsletters, Flyers, Special Notices and MORE!

* Distribution *Subscription Maintenance

DON’T WAIT! Let’s discuss your needs and get your E-Marketing campaign started TODAY while you watch the $$ roll in! All it takes is one quick call to 1-(888) 950-4923 in order to get started – OR use our convenient Contact Form

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a synergized marketing plan...

What to Expect:

We begin with an always FREE consultation and take a comprehensive look at your business past and future tense. Media DUCK Global uses an S.W.O.T, B2B or B2C analysis digital form questionnaire to assist in determining your Marketing Plan. We work primarily but not limited to Tactical and or Strategic Marketing Plans: Media DUCK Global will set a timeline for you to easily follow online and where you can participate with notes, documents and more to assist in completing your marketing objectives and goals.

All services included in the (10) Points of Retail, Services and Professional...SEO are included; Highlighted Features: Custom Website Design, SEO, Original Content Writing, E-Markeing...

Tactical and or Strategic Marketing Plans: Tactical is more long term company direction and Strategic is a combination of customer situations with overall company direction. These plans may include not limited to the following; 1-3 year plans:

Segment the market





•Profile the market segments

oRevenue potential

oMarket share potential

oProfitability potential

•Develop a market segment marketing strategy

oMarket leader or product line extension

oMass marketing or targeted marketing

oDirect or indirect sales

Research and development to the extent of the resources available and what priorities necessitate. Creation, Implementation, Follow-thru, and Management of all aspects of the Marketing Plan.

Vendor association and management: advertising resources... In-house and outsourced product management... (Graphic Design, Video, Signage, Ads...) Media resources created and Media Management... (Commercials, Billboard Ads..)

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We know your time is valuable and your choice of a qualified Website Design and Marketing Company is of importance. We ask for (1-2) Minutes of your time and we will delivery to you an honest, transparent, well-defined Quote.

Or CALL TOLL FREE: (888) 950-4923

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