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By david Zacarte, Jun 12 2014 05:44PM

Radio Ads, are they still relevant in the millennial age of marketing and advertising. Yes, but with a caveat. Although the Internet has exceeded time spent by users compared with TV and then radio. Radio’s decline is in double digits and the victor being the Internet. These stats are relevant whether you live in urban or rural America. While radio has seen up to 38% decline over the last few years it’s still a good source of marketing.

So why is Radio still a good source of marketing? The decline has provided in some areas better radio Ad rates and distribution. Radio stations offer bundled deals that are worthwhile to the business owner with funds seeking added exposure. With an Internet presence business owners can cut radio AD time and or spread out the coverage by saving dollars on the Ad length. You no longer need (30sec. – 1min.) Ads. Your radio Ad should be engaging with an objective of driving traffic to your website.

Offering an incentive for listeners to visit your website is good. There isn’t a radio Ad that can deliver the information in as an original presentation that your professional website can. Using a short creative radio Ad to drive traffic to your website is cost-effective and if timed with an online coupon, sweepstakes, contest, poll and the list goes on. You’ll see a lift in conversions of Ad dollars to sales.

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