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By david Zacarte, May 12 2014 09:12PM

Spring cleaning doesn’t apply to the home only. It can be of value to your business to take time and spring clean your existing website as well. If you’re a business with an existing Static (No changes or updates) Website for the past (6) months or longer. It’s time to do some Spring Cleaning.

Here are a few areas of your website you can Spring Clean:

Home Page of your website: move or remove excessive text. Tighten, rewrite what text you leave on Home Page. Be aware of passive verbs and Bog index. Add new in place of older content. Add or replace picture-perfect graphics. Add Bullet Points with links to the home page.

About Us Page of your website: it's likely there’s time sensitive content on your About Us Page, Bio Page and or History Pages that need updating. Visitors to your website are loss when they view out-of-date content.

Product Page(s): Update your Product or Services Pages. Often business owners and website designers fail to update products with newer updated photos, pricing and descriptions. New products that have never made it to your website and or Product Pages and a Home Page that reflect newer products and services are essential. Adding a video could turn views into sales.

Gallery Page: a sure way to lose website visitors is by displaying outdated photos in your gallery. This tells your potential new customer, your information is out of date therefore unreliable. What does that say about your business? If your website currently has a Gallery Page, it needs updating also.

Contact Page: be sure your contact information is current. More times than not. When building a new website for a new client with a current website, their Contact Page information is incorrect.

Either you or your website designer can make these changes in short time. Taking the time, making the effort to apply these and other Spring Clean updates will add to the benefit of having a website. (15) Seconds if that, is all you have to garner a serious web-visitor’s curiosity to stay and view other pages of your website potentially converting into a sale.

It's a faster more creative world of communication we work in. Your potential customers indeed will come by-way of your web-presence. Don’t ignore your important and least expensive tool for marketing, your website. Seize the moment to Spring clean and reap the reward of a fresh, clean and updated website (Web-presence).

By david Zacarte, May 6 2014 02:59PM

All too often calls come into my office from business owners frustrated with their current website designer. And after some discussion its clear 50% of the issue is with the business I’m consulting. There are plenty of legit complaints about website designers and the fact most website designers are home-based desktop publishers, makes it real. But facts are, there are plenty of great home-based website designers, so what’s up.

Communication. Business owners and company executives are busy, no question. But seemingly, little be known by the business owner or company executive, is that website designers are equally busy. Communication whether building a new website or keeping a current website is a two-way street, not one-way. My point. Before seeking out a new website design firm or desktop publisher, ask yourself this; “Have I been having a two-way communication or one-way (incoming) communication with my website designer.

Deal with your website woes easily, one phone call, good communication. At Media DUCK Global we’d like your business, but we’d like to see your best address for success, succeed with whom your ties lay. If not, we’re here to serve.

Good Luck.

By david Zacarte, Apr 29 2014 07:19PM

Website photography is essential to any successful productive website. If you aren’t current using any graphics or photography on your website, then please think of doing so. In a short article recently I briefly touched on ‘The Here and Now of the End User’. The millennia user is not as interested in textual content as is the Baby Boomer generation. Millennia users are comfortable with high-end graphics and photos and less comfortable with text. We’re back to old school marketing that “pictures paint a thousand words.”

Not just any photography and or graphic will do. Creative, Interactive, original, detailed graphics and photography is what’s needed. Your website is the first impression/Image potential and existing clients will and do see every day. The easiest way to grab a potential customer or existing client to stay and view your website’s offerings, is with a mind-grabbing image. Yes mind-grabbing. Your Home page imagery on your website should grab at the mind of your website visitor to the point of keeping their attention to scroll through the site, with desirous interest.

A website’s photography should define the company’s brand, product or service. Photography and graphics should not be cute, there may be exceptions, but focus on you the owner or the business’s brand/image, product or service. Think somewhat out of the box when selecting a photo shot and outline your objectives before shooting. This is a job for either the owner or an executive of the business to work with the photographer. Many times businesses leave the total project up to the photographer, when it’s the owner or executive who as the knowledge and passion for the business. You must pass this on to the photographer.

Website photography enhances the passion of the owner, brand/image, product or services of your business. Your photography and graphics sell better than textual content. Leave the text for the search engines and balance your website design with better photography and graphics. This is important in the day of the millennial user.

At Media DUCK Global we’ve created a complete Department for Web-Photography. As with any professional web-photographer we focus on the image and benefit a photograph or graphic can contribute to your business’s products or services. Before I give away our secrets of photography and graphic design. Take time to speak with your current website designer and Marketing firm first. Consult with them and decide if they can meet the needs of or answer you ‘How good art thou photography?’

By david Zacarte, Jan 13 2014 03:00PM


If there’s one New Year’s resolution you should have for your business. A word or two to the wise. “Website and Internet Marketing.” Start with the website. Don’t have one. Get one. Have a website, review it. Is my website a good reflection of my business? (Brand) If not, talk with your current website designer. Next, am I marketing my website (Business) equally in all ways to my conventional marketing? If not, then talk with your current website designer.

Yes, I am asking you talk with your current website designer first. Your website designer is number one when it comes to Branding and Marketing issues with your online (Internet) Presence. He/she who controls the design of your website is pivotal to the Marketing of Your Brand (Business). Now comes the tough decision.

Many businesses owners (Most Corporations excluded) haven’t yet taken seriously the importance of an online Internet Presence in Today’s marketplace. If you subscribe to that thought. Then certainly you can see the writing on the wall. In Tomorrow’s marketplace the value of a professional Website and Internet Marketing is essential.

It’s not unusual that I receive phone calls for Website Design and Internet Marketing from business owners who thought it a good idea to have a friend, immediate family member, distant cousin, college professor, neighbor or home based desktop publisher build their website. Most did it out of saving dollars. Others pressured and I know, it’s hard to say no to your wife’s favorite niece or nephew, best friend…you know. I’ve been there. In the end, it can cost you more than relationships, it can cost you, your business and/or family’s livelihood.

It’s time. The time to migrate your business’s storefront and or sales to a Professional Internet Presence (Website and Marketing) has not only come. But is rapidly passing, passing you by. Professional Website Design and Internet Marketing isn’t getting less expensive, it’s growing in cost. Printed phone books and other forms of printed promotional items are disappearing. By 2016-2018 these publications will be nonexistent, mostly. As colleges turn out more Tech educated graduates and costs of running any professional business grow. And fewer and fewer print publications are still in business or used. The more demand for Website Design and Internet Marketing, logically the higher the cost.

Getting your business placed/seen on the World Wide Web isn’t as easy as it appears. It isn’t cheap and not getting less expensive. Now is the time to improve, start or redo your Internet Presence with a Professional service of your choice. Building a strong relationship with your Website Designer or Developer and Internet Marketing Service now. Will save dollars, headaches, loss of business and business value and Net-worth a short time down the way.

By david Zacarte, Nov 18 2013 03:00PM


Your customer, or consumer for whom you’ve built your website, is not the same end-user, of 12-18 months ago. The end-user now reacts with your website differently than just months ago.

Media DUCK Global, as with other Website Design and Marketing firms, find ourselves continually challenged to meet end user preferences, like the growing number of baby boomers now using higher-tech mobile devices, yet with varying degrees of savvy.

How an 18-52 year old end user interacts with a website is different than that of the Baby Boomer.

The Boomer vs. the 18-50 market challenge:

The challenge is creating an effective website design and user contact that works with the older baby boomer and the growing high-tech, high-use 18-52 market. The Baby boomer market will always do better with a website that offers extreme user-friendliness and much informative content. On the other hand the 18-52 market wants clean to the point, (bullet point, best) pictures and quick interactivity.

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